Friday, May 6, 2011

In my Etsy store epstatements I have listed some 0.20 items. Known as PIF (pay it forward) They are items given away to remind others to do good deeds. In my store these are normally things I have made just for fun or because I wanted to. Their are four reasons I list them:

A few are things I can make a few of because of extra beads
I made it using left over beads or findings
A few just didn’t turn out the way I wanted
I took apart a previously for sale item to make them.

I think the idea of giving items away is a good one. Leading by example and all. Since I am hyper critical of my work and what actually deserves to be listed. I give away a lot of what I make anyway. so this just fits.

If you are looking for deals my PIFs are great. If you purchase an additional item the PIF items are only 0.40. (0.20 for the item and 0.20 for the shipping) This even applies if you only purchase my PIF items. So 2.80 for the first PIF item then 0.40 for the additional. So for 2 items you would be paying a total of $3.20.

The catch is you have to do something nice for someone else too. Give away to charity, help someone cross the street, let the guy coming out of the gas station in front of you. Just something nice for EACH item. Or else you may never get a deal like this again. :)

Visit epstatements on etsy and grab so great deals. I’m always adding more so bookmark and check back often.

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