Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spiral mix

Well I used all my silver jumprings in that blood drop necklace.  (You can see it on the facebook page here)

So I had to make some jumprings. I don't know if any of you realize each link in my jewelry is handmade.  So when I need a link, I have to do this:

Then cut them, in this picture you see 11 rings. It's the same when I want to make spirals, which I went ahead and did in pink and paired them with pearls

I don't know if most designers make their links, but for me it's rewarding and fun.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Line information

Some of you have been asking what the inspiration was for the latest "New Chance at Life", line that I've been showing. Well put simply the inspiration was this:

Older jewelry collection

I wanted to give new life to these pieces. Earrings missing their parner. Necklaces and bracelets that broke. 

So we have an old clip on earrings I stripped off of it's soldered setting and attached to a coconut shell to make:

I used this broken thing (I think it was from a pair of earrings)

To make this feather necklace

This was 2 earrings. The blue drop and one of those braided chain earrings has been made into the bail.
So you see the new life these guys are getting? Hopefully they will go to good homes and be worn regularly.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I do not know why I go them.
I don't know what I plan to do with them yet.

Still I am the proud owner of feathers, lots of them, in every color, shape and size.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Know what you are selling

Note to impress friends in the future:
Cheetah spots are all black. Leopard prints have brown in the center of the black dots.

 I'm full of useless knowledge. If someone is selling something they should take the time to know what it is, why it's different from others.  The spots thing truly bothers me. It is not hard to take the time and look up the difference. You can say your customers don't care, so what? You should.

For me I will not buy mislabeled anything. If I see rhinestone referred to as crystal because it is shiny, you just lost my purchase. I don't mind you calling it opalite moonstone, that's it's name it refers to the color of the glass. It is not a gemstone. Same thing for cats eye and gold/bluestone, they are not gemstones either.

In case you are wondering why this bothered me I ordered leopard and got cheetah. When I called the lady informed me leopard refereed to a spotted pattern. So now I have one lone cheetah pattern. I know in my heart the poor thing is scared in this leopard print room. Don't forget leopards can normally take on a cheetah easily. Poor thing...

Anyway to make him a little less scared I'm gonna move him to the studio until I can send him back. He can be friends with the cheetah print clip on earrings I have there.(see the cheetah difference, no brown inside the spots)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

I still had them

So many old designs I'm gonna cry. I put them in the gone but not forgotten book on facebook (where I've been keeping sold item pictures) wish I had though to do this for all my stuff.  Then again there wouldn't be enough room (from 98 until now?). Still I like looking back and remembering all the happy compliments.

Some of you are nice enough to come back wearing the items so I know you like them, If you are willing to post some photos or send me some I'd be happy to copy them into the book or even start an album of "Designs on their new artists." you can decide if you want your name listed or not.

Also if you have any photos of me teaching, from a show a fair, anything really please send me a copy. Just nothing from my goth phase, those don't count and no one wants to see them

Some photos I could find

I wanted to update the about me page on Etsy and there are no pictures of me. I've got a ton of my family, jewelry and even the family pets. It seems at every event I've ever gone to I took pictures of other people, but it seems the favor was not returned. I do not do self shots. This is disturbing. I mean I am here, stuff is getting done and all, but their is no proof. So for the next week I have to convince people to photograph me at work in the studio.

Meantime I did find one of me laughing and hiding from the camera earlier this year at an Expo lunch, sporting the trendy hairband bracelet all designers wear when we take our hair down...

A nice one of a commissioned pre runway set I made just the necklace, earrings and headpiece (Didn't take any of the matching anklet)

For now you can check out the page

Friday, July 19, 2013

Facebook page

I do have a facebook page for the jewelry:

 click here Emerald Peacock Statements (should open in new window)

 or copy it if you are like me and don't trust links seen at random on sites.

Though I've had it for a bit it's been pretty much a secret, I haven't publicized it much. I think I tweeted it awhile ago when I first got it. Right now it's a spot for the pictures and a link to the store.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The business of art vrs art business

All artists know the art technique is different. I've been doing this for more years then I can count. If I show you step by step how I do it:
  • will your result look the same as mine?
  • Are you a designer, artist, or jewelery maker now?
 I am an artist, not a business person. I do not, nor have I ever planed to run a business. I make art for people to enjoy and wear. I did not start selling online to increase my revenue I did it to increase my clients, make a living and buy more supplies. I design, make, photograph, advertise and sell each of my items.

You know people get paid to do that individually right. Designers are separate from photographers and marketing and sales.

As my mom used to tell me there is a difference in the business of art and the art of business.

I've noticed a trend that started years ago, and it's getting worse. I've actually seen people with alot of talent give up because of it. It's what I call advice of business crafters.

Years ago I was at a retreat with other jewelrymakers. I met many business crafters. They wanted to know how much everything sold for, where we got our supplies, how much do we keep in stock? Here's the thing they missed. Not everyone views this as a business where you need to make the most or increase profit.

They seem to think “great now I can make this and sell it for x”  Business crafters are business driven. It is a business to them, not an art which is why they go on about people selling the same thing as them. They often do not teach others freely. They do not encourage growth, they tell you how hard it is to sell amid hundreds of others. BULL. That is only true if you are selling the same thing as someone else which most of the times that is what they are doing. 

Yes selling paintings is hard business, but not because there is a massive amount, it's because paintings are individual choices. Not one person would say the piece you hand painted at will is the same as someone else. Unless they were dumb. It also doesn't mean teaching someone to paint is going to bring you competition. It will bring you another artist. Same thing for card making, stamping and the like. Yours is different, because you made it.

There is nothing wrong with being business minded. Some of the best jewelery sellers I know are business crafters. I do not immediately associate them with artist though. People breaking into the art world need to realize they will not get rich, but guess what? Most never thought they would. They are perfectly happy making enough doing what they love and hearing compliments on their work.

Slow online sales

     I make more sales locally then I do online always have. I knew when I started jewelry is tactile, people like to hold it an experience it. The price alone often forces people to have to save up to purchase.  That was why I listed so close to cost on my items. If I only sold online I would be a bit depressed at this point. 

     A friend just showed me how to read the online stats. I am low in the rankings on Etsy and much of my stuff is not even showing up on searches there. In fact most of my items are found through Google searches. Most of the time people are searching by name and almost all of them are in my area. It seems selling online hasn't added much, simply provided an online catalog. 

 So now I am faced with a clear issues. 
  • Do I use my time listing items online or do I just focus on my local area displays?
  • Do I make the move & start a website or do I continue selling through other vendors?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One of those things

You know I love my job, of creating. I love selling too, BUT it's annoying at times. I'm sure other artists know, when you have a manager, they sometimes run off with your designs and sell them for you. Which is great, unless you spend most of one day trying to get the best picture and another day writing descriptions for an item only to be informed the item has sold and you do not need to list it. Since my items are one of a kind, there will not be another so I wanted another spot to advertise my hard sold work.

Here we have a beautiful turquoise blue and white rhinestone cuff bracelet. Measuring 8 inches long it has a nautical toggle clasp and silver plating.