Thursday, July 18, 2013

The business of art vrs art business

All artists know the art technique is different. I've been doing this for more years then I can count. If I show you step by step how I do it:
  • will your result look the same as mine?
  • Are you a designer, artist, or jewelery maker now?
 I am an artist, not a business person. I do not, nor have I ever planed to run a business. I make art for people to enjoy and wear. I did not start selling online to increase my revenue I did it to increase my clients, make a living and buy more supplies. I design, make, photograph, advertise and sell each of my items.

You know people get paid to do that individually right. Designers are separate from photographers and marketing and sales.

As my mom used to tell me there is a difference in the business of art and the art of business.

I've noticed a trend that started years ago, and it's getting worse. I've actually seen people with alot of talent give up because of it. It's what I call advice of business crafters.

Years ago I was at a retreat with other jewelrymakers. I met many business crafters. They wanted to know how much everything sold for, where we got our supplies, how much do we keep in stock? Here's the thing they missed. Not everyone views this as a business where you need to make the most or increase profit.

They seem to think “great now I can make this and sell it for x”  Business crafters are business driven. It is a business to them, not an art which is why they go on about people selling the same thing as them. They often do not teach others freely. They do not encourage growth, they tell you how hard it is to sell amid hundreds of others. BULL. That is only true if you are selling the same thing as someone else which most of the times that is what they are doing. 

Yes selling paintings is hard business, but not because there is a massive amount, it's because paintings are individual choices. Not one person would say the piece you hand painted at will is the same as someone else. Unless they were dumb. It also doesn't mean teaching someone to paint is going to bring you competition. It will bring you another artist. Same thing for card making, stamping and the like. Yours is different, because you made it.

There is nothing wrong with being business minded. Some of the best jewelery sellers I know are business crafters. I do not immediately associate them with artist though. People breaking into the art world need to realize they will not get rich, but guess what? Most never thought they would. They are perfectly happy making enough doing what they love and hearing compliments on their work.

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