Saturday, July 20, 2013

I still had them

So many old designs I'm gonna cry. I put them in the gone but not forgotten book on facebook (where I've been keeping sold item pictures) wish I had though to do this for all my stuff.  Then again there wouldn't be enough room (from 98 until now?). Still I like looking back and remembering all the happy compliments.

Some of you are nice enough to come back wearing the items so I know you like them, If you are willing to post some photos or send me some I'd be happy to copy them into the book or even start an album of "Designs on their new artists." you can decide if you want your name listed or not.

Also if you have any photos of me teaching, from a show a fair, anything really please send me a copy. Just nothing from my goth phase, those don't count and no one wants to see them

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