Sunday, July 21, 2013

Know what you are selling

Note to impress friends in the future:
Cheetah spots are all black. Leopard prints have brown in the center of the black dots.

 I'm full of useless knowledge. If someone is selling something they should take the time to know what it is, why it's different from others.  The spots thing truly bothers me. It is not hard to take the time and look up the difference. You can say your customers don't care, so what? You should.

For me I will not buy mislabeled anything. If I see rhinestone referred to as crystal because it is shiny, you just lost my purchase. I don't mind you calling it opalite moonstone, that's it's name it refers to the color of the glass. It is not a gemstone. Same thing for cats eye and gold/bluestone, they are not gemstones either.

In case you are wondering why this bothered me I ordered leopard and got cheetah. When I called the lady informed me leopard refereed to a spotted pattern. So now I have one lone cheetah pattern. I know in my heart the poor thing is scared in this leopard print room. Don't forget leopards can normally take on a cheetah easily. Poor thing...

Anyway to make him a little less scared I'm gonna move him to the studio until I can send him back. He can be friends with the cheetah print clip on earrings I have there.(see the cheetah difference, no brown inside the spots)

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