Thursday, July 18, 2013

Slow online sales

     I make more sales locally then I do online always have. I knew when I started jewelry is tactile, people like to hold it an experience it. The price alone often forces people to have to save up to purchase.  That was why I listed so close to cost on my items. If I only sold online I would be a bit depressed at this point. 

     A friend just showed me how to read the online stats. I am low in the rankings on Etsy and much of my stuff is not even showing up on searches there. In fact most of my items are found through Google searches. Most of the time people are searching by name and almost all of them are in my area. It seems selling online hasn't added much, simply provided an online catalog. 

 So now I am faced with a clear issues. 
  • Do I use my time listing items online or do I just focus on my local area displays?
  • Do I make the move & start a website or do I continue selling through other vendors?

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