Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some photos I could find

I wanted to update the about me page on Etsy and there are no pictures of me. I've got a ton of my family, jewelry and even the family pets. It seems at every event I've ever gone to I took pictures of other people, but it seems the favor was not returned. I do not do self shots. This is disturbing. I mean I am here, stuff is getting done and all, but their is no proof. So for the next week I have to convince people to photograph me at work in the studio.

Meantime I did find one of me laughing and hiding from the camera earlier this year at an Expo lunch, sporting the trendy hairband bracelet all designers wear when we take our hair down...

A nice one of a commissioned pre runway set I made just the necklace, earrings and headpiece (Didn't take any of the matching anklet)

For now you can check out the page

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