Friday, August 2, 2013

I can make a bracelet that fits you

I'm small. I have a small wrist. I mean tiny, like fairy type. It's 6 inches around.  My best friend, her's is 10 inches around. (she's about 6 ft tall) Guess who needs me to fix her bracelets?

The fact is store bought bracelets are made to fit everyone, assuming everyone is the same.  

Common7 inches8 inches
Can be6.5 - 8 inches7.5 - 9 inches

Most of you want some room, most of what I sell are in the 8 inch range. With adding men's jewelry recently I've heard over and over, "I'd love to buy it but he says all bracelets are too small."

I offer free adjustments, but many have no idea what size they would need. Experts say add an inch because you are supposed to be able to slip a or two finger in under the bracelet. That makes no sense to bracelet slinging divas like myself. My advice is to use a flexible tape measure and get it where you want the bracelet to fall. Contact me when you purchase with the length you need so I can make it to fit you or whoever you are purchasing for.

I'd also love to hear some comments about bracelet fitting issues you have.