Friday, December 27, 2013

Fitting expression

We recently moved and I had a HUGE sale. Again and again I heard, "oh this is so me!" or "I've wanted this for so long!" I love it. I love hearing people happy with what they purchased. I gotta say it brings me back; back when I started. I wanted clip on earrings. Anyone could pierce their ears in numerous places, and did so. I wanted what no one else was wearing, clip on earrings. I wanted to stump the guys I was dating. "You got me earrings huh? Too bad I don't have pierced ears." Problem was I couldn't find style I liked.

I was mean like that Though honestly it was funny how many guys didn't pay attention and got me what they thought I would love. So many "You don't have pierced ears?!? You work in the fashion industry how can you not?" or "Didn't you model?" Like all models pierce their ears as a stamp of confirmation.

No we do not need to have pierced ears to model, or sew clothes, or schedule runway shows. Nor do we need them to love jewelry.  I still have some of those earrings too. I still wear them, as I converted them to clip on and still wear them. I didn't keep the guys though... It was sad to watch. Back then I went to private stores, I went to designers,  couldn't find clip ons or place willing to convert them for me.  One place I will not name, would change it but charge me $45. for the privilege of wearing what I would be willing to buy for $125.00!

The fact is everyone is different and you shouldn't pay extra for it. You have a style all your own and the people who are closest to you should know it. Maybe you hate clasps on bracelets, you want toggle clasps. You hate being choked by short necklaces and want them to fall a little lower.

Fitting is actually a huge part of my business. I feel you cannot express yourself unless you are actually wearing the item. Simply having it is not the point. I can get models to wear it, they are pai to. If you are uying from em it's yours and should fit you, not what I want.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some Holiday Cyber Deals

Ah it's that time, cold season in Fl. While I've been working hard making new things I am entirely too lazy to sell them properly. Well maybe lazy isn't the right word as last week I was freezing at the event by nightfall. I was wearing 2 sweaters, a jacket and gloves yet I could barely feel my fingers.  So as a quicker, warmer, way, I am listing some on good old Ebay. If you don't want to click the link here advanced search on ebay then look for a member. Look for epstatements.  Some of you may have never bought from me there so a bit about how I work.

Auctions: no second chances on handmade on of a kind. If you want it you have to grab it when it's there.
Buy it now: Make reasonable offers, I'm used to sell at fairs and markets and don't mind coming down for you to get it.

Auction items: Free shipping
Buy it now items: $4.00 shipping for all the U.S.A. orders (including Hi and Ak) $0.20 for additional items

Within 5 days please so I can get the item to you. I will not ship it until I have payment and paypal gives me the address to ship it to. 

Also, since I am there, I am listing a few lots of jewelry so you get a variety and I get rid of some of my components and jewelry.This works out nicely as we will be moving soon and there will be less to move. With any luck you will get some great deals and I won't freeze this season.