Thursday, December 5, 2013

Some Holiday Cyber Deals

Ah it's that time, cold season in Fl. While I've been working hard making new things I am entirely too lazy to sell them properly. Well maybe lazy isn't the right word as last week I was freezing at the event by nightfall. I was wearing 2 sweaters, a jacket and gloves yet I could barely feel my fingers.  So as a quicker, warmer, way, I am listing some on good old Ebay. If you don't want to click the link here advanced search on ebay then look for a member. Look for epstatements.  Some of you may have never bought from me there so a bit about how I work.

Auctions: no second chances on handmade on of a kind. If you want it you have to grab it when it's there.
Buy it now: Make reasonable offers, I'm used to sell at fairs and markets and don't mind coming down for you to get it.

Auction items: Free shipping
Buy it now items: $4.00 shipping for all the U.S.A. orders (including Hi and Ak) $0.20 for additional items

Within 5 days please so I can get the item to you. I will not ship it until I have payment and paypal gives me the address to ship it to. 

Also, since I am there, I am listing a few lots of jewelry so you get a variety and I get rid of some of my components and jewelry.This works out nicely as we will be moving soon and there will be less to move. With any luck you will get some great deals and I won't freeze this season. 

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