Friday, December 4, 2015

Allowed to be angry - Self Help for creatives

I have had a bad day; well two days actually. Every time I tell someone this I get the traditional "cheer up" or "Oh that's too bad" It really got me annoyed (not just because I was already angry). Apparently we are not allowed to be angry. I missed this memo.

Normally creative types are laid back and hard to rouse. We have to be; we are often criticized and analyzed by buyers, friends and strangers who just want to weigh in. This is worse if you are a struggling artist, meaning it is your only job and sometimes your idea well goes dry. Still even the most laid back people can have bad days.

I honestly like my bad days. They clear the air. Most of my work is emotional and anger is still an emotion so it drives me. I have a get rid of things component with my anger. I will clean out until I have a nice clear place to sit and see nothing. Very symbolic when I'm angry I like nothing. 

This not a bad thing to me. We all need to clear out sometimes and start from scratch. Regroup, rethink and revise our area to suit our now calmer self. It makes sense when you really think of it. You became angry in a certain environment, it probably built up and was reflected around you so clearing it give you a chance to start fresh. That said you are allowed to get angry, and use the anger to do something positive.

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