Thursday, May 19, 2016

I love hats!

Strange thing to brag about but I really do love them. Just recently it rained (very rare in Florida) and I was lucky enough to have 3 hats on hand all stylish and able to work. So I kept the rain off my face (and makeup) and got a ton of compliments. There is just something fun about adding a hat to your look. It's largely unexpected in today's society to see a hat which saddens me.

I have quite a collection at home, enough to cover a wall, which is where I keep them.Some are story tellers: the rice paper hat form Japan, the fishing hat bought on a whim while at the beach and more. Others are chic choices for certain looks, and others are from my love of vintage items like my tweed cloche from the 1930's. The great thing about any one of them is they have numerous looks.

From attaching brooches or tying scarves you can dress up a hat. They are like fashion displays.  I remember one that I hung single earrings off of to form a crystal bead fringe around the brim for a fashion event. Not only was it a good use for them, it was so popular people were tracking me down at the event to find out who designed it!  I even created some on commission for a dozen events after that.

Fact is hats add some mystery to you. So the next time it's raining, grab a hat. Bad hair day, cover it up. Want to be noticed, dress that hat up and put it on. If we all work together we can put hats back on top of the fashion world.

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